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Bottom Fishing




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Go Fishin'!

Bottom fishing is by far one of my favorite pastimes. Late winter and early spring we get runs of grey grouper along with the ever present Mutton Snapper. Then there's always the chance of catching a cobia or two during the spring. Snapper and other bottom fish are plentiful on our reefs as well.

When fishing for grouper, muttons or amberjacks; most of our successful days are attributed to fishing at anchor with the use of 3 way rigs. It keeps you on the spot the fish are plentiful and allows you to chum, fish for other top water species and catch snapper bottom fish etc all at the same time. Yet another benefit of chartering smaller vessels; freedom to not just troll or drift.

Here's a list of what you possible can catch while bottom fishing: Mutton, Vermillion, Yellowtail, Lane, and occasional Red snapper on the deeper drops; Triggerfish, Groupers, Blue Runners, Barracudas, Sharks, Porgy, Larger Jacks, Jewfish, Amber Jacks and Cobia. I'm sure I still missed a few. Along with whatever bites your surface lines.





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